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Turn-Around-time - How-fast - 360 Visuals - Charlotte, NC

Turnaround time. How fast?

Turn Around time.  How fast? VLog Transcript Turnaround time. What’s Fast? One of the best tips I can offer any business out there that is trying to produce a professional video for their brand whether it be product driven or employee driven or service driven but you want something with high production value and it’s…

Print Advisors Commercial Video

Print Advisors Commercial

PRINT ADVISORS COMMERCIAL We don’t need to use Jedi Mind tricks to get your business. Print Advisors Commercial   Starring: Kyle Kauffman & Glenn Shaw Written & Directed by: Jonathan Weiner Sound / PA by: Leo Munday Make-Up by: Michelle Lee This idea came to us several months ago and we wanted to use this…

Animation versus Live Action - 360 Visuals - Charlotte, NC

Animation versus LIVE Action

A lot of business owners think that an animation video for their brand makes more sense than using their staff or even professional spokespeople (actors). Well in some cases, this makes sense. If you are a technology company that your product doesn’t have a human interface to it, well, then animation could work. But if…

Carolina Business Owners Scholarship - 360 Visuals - Charlotte, NC

Carolina Business Owner’s Scholarship

Carolina Business Owner’s Scholarship! Withrop University Charlotte Digital Marketing Agency, Fleek Consulting, and several of their local clients are partnering with Winthrop University to offer an exclusive scholarship to an attending student athlete. Here’s the scoop, straight from the ‘Fleek Fam’ as the owners of this unique family-owned company likes to refer to themselves: “As…

Value Professional Post Production Business Videos

Value of Professional Post Production in Business Videos

The Value of Professional Post Production! VLog Transcript The Value of Professional Post Production! One of the things to not overlook when shooting a video or having a video done for your business whether it’s a professional team or that in-house marketing coordinator that ‘likes to shoot video’ is the post production process, editing. There’s…

Uniform Headshot, Why? 360 Visuals - Charlotte NC

Uniform Headshot, Why?

Uniform Headshots, Why? VLog Transcript Having a uniform headshot on your website whether you’re featuring your leadership team, or just your owner or your entire company one of the most important things to remember is that brand consistency, that uniformity. That same quality headshot, on that same background, with the same camera, and the same…

Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool!

Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool!

Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool! VLog Transcript Did you know that Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool! If you’re updating your website today, one thing to strongly consider is the use of video backgrounds for your website below the menu. We’ve been seeing lots of banner images, whether it’s a static shot…

Why comedy works in advertising for YouTube Ads

Why comedy works in advertising for YouTube Ads

Did you ever wonder why comedy works for advertising for YouTube Ad A good way to see this theory is watch Super Bowl Commercials. Those 30-second spots can cost upwards of a million dollars. One common theme in those ads is their use of humor to promote, sell or feature their product or service. The…

Stabilize the camera - 360 Visuals - Charlotte, NC

Stabilize the Camera

Stabilize the Camera is rule #1 if you want your professional video to be taken seriously. If you’re a business and trying to produce your own videos, the biggest flaw I see is the easiest one to think about – and that is to lock the camera down, stabilize the camera with a tripod. A…

One Minute Corporate Video Cost

How much does a One Minute Corporate Video cost?

How Much does a One Minute Corporate Video Cost? So a common question when looking to produce a corporate video is, “How much does a one minute video cost to make or produce?” It’s a loaded question because it’s not one price. If we’re shooting a one minute video in the studio, one camera a…

Pitfalls of a Script in a Corporate Video

The Pitfalls of a Script

  The Pitfalls of a Script in a Corporate Video So you made the decision to do video and now you’re trying to figure out “What do I say?” and “How do I prepare?” Well, let’s start by a script and the pitfalls of having a script. Let’s face it, we’re not actors, we don’t…

Do you need a big budget for Corporate Video? - 360 Visuals

Do you need a big budget for Corporate Video?

Do you need a big budget for Corporate Video? The most common question I get when someone is interested in doing a corporate video is, “Do I need to have a $50,000 or $100,000 budget?” And the answer is, “No” We do projects all across the board for all size businesses and all size companies.…

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