Behind The Scenes

BTS: Our Video Production Agency

As a video production agency, we’re fully involved in all aspects of your production. Unlike traditional video production companies in Charlotte, we offer pre and post-production services to get you from start to finish. We don’t leave you high and dry to figure out the writing and directing for yourself, we’re with you every step of the way. No need to outsource additional video production services like makeup artists or actors to vouch for your business, we have it all at 360 Visuals to save you a mountain of time, effort, frustration, and money.

Our streamlined process allows us to produce head-turning visuals that compel your audience to take further action towards your brand. We love pulling back the curtain and revealing the hidden workings behind every shoot to our clients. You’ll witness firsthand how all of the moving parts behind the scenes come together to create one cohesive production. You’ll also walk away with exclusive BTS shots like the ones below! The best part? We understand you want your project up and running. Our entire process, from conception to post-production, only takes three weeks.