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We produce videos that work

You’re here because you need to promote, educate, entertain and inspire your target client to take action. We specialize in creating professional video content for businesses. Our track record, streamlined process and results are why brands of all sizes have partnered with us for over 15 years. Let's make an awesome video!

Make the right decision with our award-winning video agency.  Two-time 2021 Gold AVA Digital Award Winner for Directing, Jonathan will walk you through the exciting possibilities in bringing your story to life.

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Our talented video production team of Director, DPs, ACs, Gaffers, Grips, PAs, & Make-Up Artists.

Jhg Financial Behind The Scenes With Director &Amp; Dp - Charlotte Nc

Why do companies choose 360?

You get it all in every production

The traditional video production houses like to charge for every little thing. A Director, a Camera Operator, this Camera, this Light & the list goes on and on. From the beginning, we’ve invested heavily on the front end. We rarely need to rent equipment and mark it up in our video proposals. We are also working producers and don’t need to have 10-15 crew standing around to pad your budget. In the end, it’s very simple to us.

We bring the highest level of production value which includes all of our gear, our crew and our expertise to every shoot. Combine that with Directors & DP’s that are not only creative but are ‘gear saavy’ and you just saved thousands of dollars on your production.

The Game Changer

Business People Aren’t Actors.

The two reasons companies choose us is our Director has interviewed over 20,000 people in this career. If you want to be on camera for your video you need to work with a seasoned professional that knows how to draw out your message in an unscripted format.

Second, we are lightning fast in post-production. We know you want your video yesterday. Industry average is 3 months, we’re 3 weeks!.