Invest in a Professional Video Production Agency

Why Businesses Need to Invest in a Professional Video Production Agency

Poor investment decisions can easily take down any business. When it comes to professional video marketing, businesses want to ensure each investment produces a significant and worthwhile return. According to Biteable, 74% of marketers say video brings in a higher return than static imagery. A team of hardworking and honest videographers and producers can inspire a new audience and steady cash flow, but video marketing scams like BrandStar can damage a person’s livelihood.

BrandStar is a content marketing and production company that often promises its clients television advertisement spots to an audience of over 35 million people. The client typically pays for the video shoot and production costs, and the executives at BrandStar land the client a primetime commercial spot on television. This would work well as a business model, however, clients of BrandStar rarely see their commercials make it to television. In fact, most commercials and production shoots paid for by clients never even happen. Meaning, the client pays tens of thousands of dollars for a video production shoot that never took place.

On the off chance that BrandStar successfully lands one of its clients a commercial spot, it is at 4:00 AM, not primetime, and to an audience of 500 or so people in a small town, not 35 million.

So, while a commercial spot may seem exciting, it’s important to recognize when things may seem too good to be true. The average business owner can not withstand the financial damages caused by BrandStar, which is why it’s important to avoid fishy scams and invest in an honest and reliable marketing agency.

A good video production agency does more than produce a video commercial. Unlike BrandStar, a thoughtful and professional agency includes the client in the decision-making process and never surpasses the established budget. Additionally, the client deserves a product that converts and is worth more than the cost of production. According to Oberlo, video production agencies like 360 Visuals capture their clients 66% more qualified leads each year. Optinmonster attributes this to a professional director’s ability to educate an audience using video.

When it comes to internet traffic and acquiring good SEO, the average internet user spends 2.6x longer on pages with video than pages without.

If you’re interested in utilizing video production to market your business, ensure you’re working with an ethical and effective agency that cares about the future of your brand — it truly makes a difference. At 360 Visuals, we are a full-service video production agency that understands marketing by consistently delivering to clients in the Charlotte and Huntersville area.

Two-time 2021 Gold AVA Digital Award Winner for Directing, Jonathan Weiner leads 360 Visuals with over 15 years of expertise in producing cinematic commercial ads, corporate video productions, and various digital marketing campaigns for companies in Charlotte and across North America.

  • Creative Direction & Cinematic Storytelling
  • Scripting & Production
  • Strategy & Concepting

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“Jonathan and his team at 360 Visuals has been great to work with. Their video quality speaks for itself, but as someone who has worked with a number of production companies, one of the things that set 360 Visuals apart was their willingness to make changes in edit until the project was right. They accepted our constructive feedback and worked tirelessly to deliver exactly what we were looking for.”
-Jerry Schroeder, President, enCOMPASS Agency

“When I first met with the Owner, Jonathan, I immediately felt there was good chemistry between us.”
-Georg Kiefer, CEO, Huber USA

“We’re very protective of our brand and 360 gets that. We couldn’t be more pleased”
-Roger Martin, Co-Founder, RockBox Fitness

“Working with 360 Visuals has really been an incredible experience from start to finish…”
-Liv Schichtel, Customer Marketing Manager, AvidxChange

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Jonathan Weiner

Jonathan is an award-winning director with expertise in producing cinematic commercial ads, corporate video productions, and various digital marketing campaigns for companies in Charlotte and across North America.