Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool!


Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool!

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Did you know that Video Backgrounds for Websites are really Cool!

If you’re updating your website today, one thing to strongly consider is the use of video backgrounds for your website below the menu. We’ve been seeing lots of banner images, whether it’s a static shot or the shots move and there are multiple images (slider). But a lot of companies right now are getting real positive results by adding a video background. And it’s really simple to produce. So if you’re having a corporate video done or shooting a specific spot for social, you grab a few of those clips with a professional, and you edit it in a certain way so it moves every few seconds and you go ahead and load that to your background for your website. It just helps make the site more engaging and helps tell your story a lot better.

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Jonathan Weiner

Jonathan is an award-winning director with expertise in producing cinematic commercial ads, corporate video productions, and various digital marketing campaigns for companies in Charlotte and across North America.