Why comedy works in advertising for YouTube Ads

Did you ever wonder why comedy works for advertising for YouTube Ad

A good way to see this theory is watch Super Bowl Commercials. Those 30-second spots can cost upwards of a million dollars. One common theme in those ads is their use of humor to promote, sell or feature their product or service. The main reason for this is you need your audience to pay attention. Using humor correctly does exactly that. it’ very strategic. The duration, delivery, visuals, pacing, etc.

I got to hand it to Dollar Shave Club Founder Michael Dubin. He produced his first video for $10,000 and it has over 26 Million views to date. He wrote the whole Ad and starred in it too.

It’s no surprise that the power of that 90-second video Ad created so much push for his product that he sold 12,000 units in the first 48/hours and after creating the company out of his apartment in April 2011 he sold it to Unilver for 1 Billion Cash.

The next time you want to just play it safe. Ask yourself, maybe it’s time to play it fun and see why comedy works in advertising for YouTube Ads.

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Jonathan Weiner

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