Behind the Scenes Podcast Series – Episode 1

In the Behind the Scenes Podcast Series – Episode 1, we discuss clients who want corporate video, but do not want to actually be in the video.

We hope you enjoy this Podcast.

Episode 1 Transcript

Chuck: Jonathan, tell me, how do you overcome the obstacle when clients want a video, they really know that they want it, but they don’t actually want to be in the video?

Jonathan: Yes, that happens here and there, Chuck, and we handle it one of two ways. At the end of the day, most executives in small businesses are the sales arm, or they start as the sales arm of their company. They’re comfortable presenting to prospects on the phone, or in person, or on Skype, everyday. That’s really all I’m trying to get them to understand, when the camera’s rolling and they’re in front of the camera, is you’re just talking to your costumer.

A lot of that’s handled or addressed in pre-production. We prep our clients really well, probably better than most. We give them the talking points ahead of time, and what’s going to be covered once we come up with that with them, so that they’re not surprised and they’re not shooting off the cuff, because when you shoot off the cuff sometimes, as we’re doing it today, you can ramble on and your points aren’t clear and concise.

We want to really work with them on understanding that it’s a fun process, and it’s a team building process, and they’re the leader of their team, and if we’re going to get their team on there, which they need to be, to showcase the power of their brand, they need to be on camera too, and they need to be strong. A lot of that’s handled in terms of how we prepare them, and making them comfortable and at ease, and that’s hard, and I’ll just be honest. You have a professional camera and lights in front of you, and microphones, it’s daunting at times.

Again, we try to make them comfortable, and we do a good job and they start laughing and then they forget the camera’s even rolling. In the other case, when it’s just, let’s just say it’s not going to work for whatever reason, we use professional spokespeople, we use actors and actresses to come in and be their brand, be their spokesperson, talking about their product, their solution, and it works well.

Sometimes, doing a mix of both is also a very good way to put your corporate video together. There’s lots of talent out here and we work with a handful four-five specific actors and spokespeople that specialize in corporate. There’s always a solution, at the end of the day, I think, if you get with the right firm, and they understand you may have some angst about it, I think it all comes down to preparation, and pre-production too, to make the shoot go extremely well and painless.

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Jonathan Weiner

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