How much does a One Minute Corporate Video cost?

How Much does a One Minute Corporate Video Cost?

So a common question when looking to produce a corporate video is, “How much does a one minute video cost to make or produce?” It’s a loaded question because it’s not one price. If we’re shooting a one minute video in the studio, one camera a couple of angles, it’s one price. It’s probably the most affordable way to get started to be honest. But if you’re shooting a one minute video in three locations across the country and there’s travel and drone coverage and steadicam operators and jib shots that same one minute video could be 20-30-40 times the price of that studio video. So never look at as ‘How much does a One Minute video cost?” Just look at what’s involved in terms of production value. And that will help you better understand when budgeting what style video you want for one minute.

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Jonathan Weiner

Jonathan is an award-winning director with expertise in producing cinematic commercial ads, corporate video productions, and various digital marketing campaigns for companies in Charlotte and across North America.