Animation vs LIVE Action

A lot of business owners think that an animation video for their brand makes more sense than using their staff or even professional spokespeople (actors). Well in some cases, this makes sense. If you are a technology company that your product doesn’t have a human interface to it, well, then animation could work. But if you’re product or service has a human interaction, where your staff, sales people are a reflection of your brand than you definitely want to showcase LIVE Action or people. Their tone, energy and vibe all play a part in describing your culture as well as having clients on camera endorsing you.

Let’s touch on cost next. It’s assuming that animation would be a less expensive video solution than LIVE Action. Well, that’s not usually the case. Sure, a cheap animation which can come off ‘cheesy’ is a lot cheaper but now you’re only hurting your brand. But a Full Scale Animation Explainer video can in most cases cost more because of the complexity of the animations, graphics, VO, and title’s created.

Finally, at the end of the day, Views are one way we measure ROI on a video project. A lot of times, poorly created animations barely accumulate 20-30 views in the first year where a LIVE Action video that is engaging, exciting and creative showcasing your team, your business and your clients can accumulate hundreds of views in the first few months followed by thousands a couple of years later.

Here is an example of an Animation that only got 20 views.

Here is an example of a LIVE Action Video with 15,000 views in 5 years.

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Jonathan Weiner

Jonathan is an award-winning director with expertise in producing cinematic commercial ads, corporate video productions, and various digital marketing campaigns for companies in Charlotte and across North America.