OneTeam Leadership

OneTeam Leadership

Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: Curt Braden
AC: Sarah Braden
Sound by:
 Leo Munday
Lighting by: Kevin Muenzer
PA: Jamar Perry
Make-Up by: Danielle Maddox

Location: Charlotte NC

Our video production team had the opportunity to film a corporate branded video for OneTeam Leadership, a leadership experience and development consulting firm located at the exclusive Duke Mansion. It was exciting to work alongside these wonderful women who genuinely care about their job and the people they help daily. As the company’s Engagement Manager, Chelsea Pratt, says, the outcome of OneTeam Leadership efforts are deep, significant and real for its clients. We used this corporate video to emphasize exactly that: OneTeam Leadership provides authentic and genuine change for those ready to transform their mindset and work environment. One of the main principles of OneTeam Leadership is giving people the opportunity, encouragement, and resources to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Once this level of self-realization is reached, people can lead and direct with a clear head and heart. All in all, the shoot was smooth and stunning with beautiful imagery both inside and outside of the Duke Mansion.

"It was very clear to us that you were a Pro!"

Nicolas Beamon, Partner, OneTeam Leadership