Typical Office Break

360 Visuals

Inspired by the Citi Double Cash Card Spots.

Starring: Mike Lamb, Lauri Pierce and Rachel Petsiavas
Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: Andrew Dole
Written by: Tommy Wakefield
Sound/PA by: Leo Munday
Make-Up by: Michelle Lee
Location: Aquesta Bank

Location: Charlotte NC

We developed this Ad Spot based off the Citi Double Cash Card commercials.  Bringing in LA Writer, Tommy Wakefield on the concept, we were off.  Next was finding comedic actors that could play the part.  We cast Mike Lamb as our goofy office guy.  Supporting him were Lauri Pierce and Rachel Petsiavas who complimented him well in this spot.  Location was provided by Aquesta Bank.   3 angle commercial with a mini-wide dolly shot was all it took.  The Actors & location made this a success.