Need it Fast?


Starring: Daniel Jones & Kristin Jann

Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: David Stiles
Written by: David Stiles
Sound by: Alex Thompson
AC/Gaffer: Nate McGlynn
Grip/PA: Jamar Perry
Make-Up by: Michelle Lee

Location: Charlotte NC

One of our Los Angeles-based writers developed this spot and wrote the script for ‘Need it Fast? Takl’. We brought back Dan and Kristin Jann-Fischer to the production, which was, of course, a slam-dunk. Both Dan and Kristen have impeccable comedic timing and are two of our favorite commercial actors to work with on branded video content. We thought for this spot we would highlight Takl’s greatest assets: it’s timely and convenient delivery that is tough as nails to beat. Given Takl’s friendly nature, we thought we would add a bit of a comedic spin to a delivery service’s messaging. Despite the incredibly tight space, our video production team was still able to produce this spot for Takl that portrays the company’s consistent and convenient quality care while also having a little bit of fun.