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Angie's List

Starring: Daniel Jones, Ashlyn Combs & Kristin Jann

Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: David Stiles
Written by: David Stiles
Sound by: Alex Thompson
AC/Gaffer: Nate McGlynn
Grip/PA: Jamar Perry
Make-Up by: Michelle Lee

It all starts with an idea. When David Stiles, DP/Cinematographer, developed this spot & wrote the screenplay I was onboard instantly. One of our favorite styles of commercial content is when we can use comedy that is instantly relatable. Next, we needed to bring the right actors into the picture. After watching several auditions, Ashlyn Combs was a slam dunk for the ‘Millennial’. Next, David brought Dan and Kristin Jann-Fischer to the production who both have an improv background and had experience together on-set. After we secured the location, we brought the rest of the crew together. Most of whom we work with regularly with the addition of a new sound operator, Alex Thompson. The shoot went smooth and a lot of laughs on-set.