Hobson Associates 2022

Hobson Associates

Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: Brett Mullen
1st AC: Leo Munday
Production Manager: Camille Urbano
Sound Design: Marcus Suarez
Make-Up by: Nellie Marie

Location: Cheshire CT

Hobson Associates brought us back to produce a brand new corporate video, “Hobson Associates 2022” to celebrate their 50th year in business. Partnering with Industry icon, Danny Cahill was just as fun as the many times before as the concept we developed together was a corporate narrative film style mixed with some documentary scenes. This multi-day project started with our senior crew, Director, DP, and 1st AC loading up at Charlotte Douglas International airport with over a dozen pelican cases of gear for the task at hand. Traveling with our gear is always a logistical challenge as we navigate our media pass with the airlines, TSA and managing to transport this amount of very expensive & heavy gear. Once we arrived, we grabbed the rental van, stopped by Barndoor Lighting for some additions Grip & Electric necessary for our production and we were off and running to the location. As we entered Hobson Associates HQ it was like we were here recently & remembered the interior remodel they went through on our last project. This time we were able to show more of that as we set-up our A/Roll capture for the main story dialogue featuring their partners. Next, after short lunch break, we went through our shot list and grabbed a combination of handheld, dolly & unscripted drone shots. Lastly, we set-up specific scenes lit them and then went through the blocking with those involved. This consisted of moving around in various leadership offices as well as their conference room. As usual, we were able to capture a tremendous amount in a short window as the majority of the office was doing business as usual. Once we got back to the studio in North Carolina, post-production was ready to launch. We trip archived all the RAW footage and our editor started out organizing footage in various sequences. Once we were happy with the initial first cut, it then went to our colorist for grading. After client approved the final cut, we completed the sound design/mix and their video went live.

"I see high production value & the end result speaks for itself."
-Danny Cahill, President, Hobson Associates