Edge Performance Training

Edge Performance Training

Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: Curt Braden
Sound by: Leo Munday
AC: Sara Braden
Lighting by:
Kevin Muenzer
PA: Jamar Perry
Make-Up by: Michelle Lee

Location: Charlotte NC

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We love working with fitness brands. Each time we film a corporate video for a fitness client, we can feel the passion and positive energy in the gym. This time, we were hired to film a branded video for Edge Performance Training located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team at Edge Performance Training did a great job as we captured the essence of this unique fitness operation. Since Edge Performance Training is all about staying fit while avoiding and preventing injury, our video production team spent the day filming close-ups of Daniel directing his clients through a series of well-supported exercises that primarily focus on strategic and connected movements. After spending the day on-set, it is crystal clear that Daniel conducts his business based on what is best for his client’s personal fitness journey.

"We couldn't have been happier!"

-Daniel Ancheta, Owner/Head Coach, Edge Performance Training