Compassion & Composure

Aikido of Charlotte

Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: Brett Mullen
AC: Brent Goodroe
Jim Plunkett
Sound by:
Jim Hyde
PA: Billy Hempstead
Make-Up by: Michelle Lee Lopez

Location: Charlotte NC

Capturing the essence of the beautiful and dance-like martial art of Aikido was a real treat for our team. Though we have produced tons of videos in the fitness space, showcasing movement in this setting was extra special. Our Producer/Director was featured in this corporate brand video as he is the Dojo Cho (School Owner) of Aikido of Charlotte. We also utilized Brett Mullen, a seasoned DP, who ushered the film’s creative vision to come to light very quickly. Like most successful brand videos, we uncovered and addressed the brand’s most important questions: Why train in Aikido? Why should you choose to train at Aikido of Charlotte? After capturing a variety of stories from teachers and students, we moved on to motion visuals where we were able to shoot with the impressive RED Weapon 5k. In all honesty, the edit could not have come together any better than it did. The video is complete with action, storyline, pacing, and evolution, leaving a strong and concise branded video.