The Webb Street School Project.


Giving back to the community.

“Working with 360 Visuals is outstanding.  Working with Jonathan Weiner and his professional staff has allowed me to get my message across not only to my guests but to my staff members too.  What's important is that everyone understands the message and these guys have helped me deliver that.”

Jim Morasso | Owner, Webb Custom Kitchen


Within the walls of Webb Custom Kitchen, history & spirit whisper to those who listen.

We invite you to join us for a unique experience of modern decadence blended with authentic historical relevance. Gastonia’s golden age may seem distant but we believe the best has yet to come.

When you walk in, you’ll be impressed. When your food arrives, you’ll be captivated.

A beautiful space is nothing without an exceptional offering. Every item on our menu is carefully developed from the concept up, focusing on the most fresh and unique flavors available. Tasting good isn’t enough for us, as we strive to source as many ingredients as we can from as close to home as possible.

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360 Visuals, Inc.
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We bring your Brand to Life.