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Typical Office Break - 360 Visuals - Charlotte, NC


Inspired by the Citi Double Cash Card Spots, our team created this spec ad in 3 hours.

Starring: Mike Lamb, Lauri Pierce and Rachel Petsiavas
Directed by: Jonathan Weiner
Director of Photography: Andrew Dole
Written by: Tommy Wakefield
Sound/PA by: Leo Munday
Make-Up by: Michelle Lee
Location: Aquesta Bank

Don't miss out on this exciting chance to work with our experienced team led by 360 Visuals Executive Producer/Director, Jonathan Weiner and you can follow our work here.

We write, direct and produce videos that take your audience through an experience that leaves them wanting more. By understanding the elements of video production, pre, production & post. We have streamlined the process to be efficient, fast and a lot of fun! We utilize Hollywood camera movements, train with the top directors in the business & our portfolio is made up of brands throughout North America that shine.

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