Are there gaps in your plumber’s training?

Michigan Power Rodding

Starring: Philip Covin & Ollie Crooms

Producer/Director: Jonathan Adam Weiner
DP: Brett Mullen
Writer: Liza French
1st AC: Leo Munday
2nd AC: Ben Tornesello
Sound Tech/ Boom Operator: Taylor Parris
Gaffer: Lucas Roberto
Production Assistant:
Natasha Major
Grip/BTS: Jamar Perry
Animation: Leo Thomas Munday
Sound Design: Marcus Suarez
Hair/Make-Up: Michelle Lee Cavanna Lopez

Location: Charlotte NC

Are there gaps in your plumber’s training?

Earlier this year, our writer’s developed several concepts for Owner, Gregg Greene of Michigan Power Rodding.  Our approach has always been the same, great writing, high-quality production & superb talent.  we wanted to position Michigan Power Rodding as providing the best training in the industry. Typical drain service companies will hire sub-par techs, poorly train them & do below-average work.  However, Michigan Power Rodding prides itself on its training and quality technicians.  We hired seasoned actor Philip Covin to play our lead (Trainer).  You may have seen Philip in Ozark, Cobra Kai among the TV Hits & movies.  Supporting him was actor, Ollie  Crooms.  Anytime you are writing for a comedic scripted short the success of the Ad is based a lot on the actor’s performances.  These two did not disappoint!  After our (DP & I) initial scout at a commercial warehouse location, we knew we had the right location.  Next, Production Day was action-packed as we lit the scene with (4) Aputure LEDs, utilizing both our LS600X Pros and 300d Mark IIs.  We love moving the camera to the action and our RED Gemini came to life on our Dana Dolly once again for all the coverage.  We tend to move fast, get our shots and let the actors find their flow.  We are definitely known for moving quickly and that shows each time we’re On Set with our crew.  In Post, getting the Sound Mix/Design was also crucial as we layered in Foley & Special Sound Fx to enhance this commercial.  We went LIVE with this Ad just a couple of weeks after we wrapped filming!

This commercial will air on ESPN, ESPN2, Big10 Network, Tiger’s Baseball, MNF, and FS1 in the midwest market as well as various OTT platforms & digital.

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“360 Visuals continues to deliver super-quality, original commercial concepts, tremendous talent & and an amazing crew from start to finish!"
-Gregg Greene, Owner, Michigan Power Rodding