What our clients think of our work.

“Working with 360 Visuals was amazing.  They made us comfortable, are extremely professional and produce extremely high quality video and photography work!  I highly recommend them”

Devan Kline | CEO / Co-Founder, Burn Boot Camp

“Our experience with 360 Visuals has both fun and professional.  They truly understand the world of corporate video production.  Their process was effortless, easy to follow and at the end of the day very efficient.”

Aimee Larson | Human Resource Business Manager, Continental North America

“Jonathan and his team at 360 Visuals really impressed me with their superior video production quality. From the pre-production communication process, he painted a vision of our shoot and delivered. Capturing our vision with the new RED Camera was also pretty cool! I highly recommend his company for high quality video production and photography”

Jeff Smith | Director of Strategy, Planning and Experience for Talent Acquisition, TIAA

“Top notch team. Professionally produce product and delivered on time. From concept development, production and post production these guys are "A # 1!"

Mike Denney | Director of Training, Point Blank Range

"Jonathan and his team at 360 Visuals are really creative business storytellers! They were able to come into our office and in a very short time capture the essence of our Chiropractic culture by featuring our team. I highly recommend his company for high quality video production and photography!"

Donna Askew | General Manager, Ballas Chiropractic

“Jonathan and his team did a fantastic job on our corporate video. He really took the time to understand our story and what motivates us as a firm before filming - and it showed in the final product. We couldn't be happier with our film. We have also used him for our corporate head shots and will continue to do so as the need arises. 360 Visuals Studio is first rate and highly recommended!"

Matthew Ladenheim, Esq. | Partner, Trego, Hines & Ladenheim, PLLC.

“Of all the media companies trying to design your website or make a corporate video for you, only Jonathan knows recruiting from the inside out! His work for us has a combination of high production values and insider knowledge when it comes to editing and emphasis. Plus he makes a scary process fun!”

Danny Cahill | President, Hobson Associates

“Hiring Jonathan and 360 Visuals was a great business decision. From the communication, planning & final delivery, we were able to showcase our brand on our website with an engaging new corporate video and add professional headshots. Jonathan’s knowledge on our profession combined with his expertise, passion and ability to create professional media made this experience extremely positive!

Tia Ramlow | President, Great Work! Employment Services

“Jonathan and his team are super creative, highly professional, and really know the in’s and out’s of our industry. This allowed them to easily get a grasp on the things that make us great. They were able to capture the spirit of what we are about and highlight our culture. We were really happy with 360 Visuals and their process, but delighted with our final product. Highly recommend!”

Brad Violette | President, Talent Bridge Companies

“360 Visuals has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a long relationship between our two firms.”

Richard Lock | Founder and President, Lock Search Group

“We retained Jon & his team to do a professional video production for our recruiting firm… honestly, he has “exceeded” our expectations at this point. His ability to pull out the best in people on camera is the best. He will not stop until he gets it right – no matter what it takes. I would not hesitate to recommend Jon and his production team for any Video/Photo Shoot you are considering – local or national. True Professionals!!!”

Tom Porter | President, Marquee Staffing

“Recently we hired 360 Visuals to produce our corporate video at Personify. Jonathan & his team are very professional and it’s obvious that they have invested a lot of time and money on training and equipment. Their work product is very professional, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

Scott Rivers | Director, Sales and Marketing, Personify

“They provide the quality results we need to optimize our success. I’d recommend 360 Visuals to any person or group looking to power their performance.”

Karen Bucks | Marketing, iCIMS

“We were really impressed with 360 Visuals work and professionalism.”

David Wieland | CEO & Founder, RIVS Digital Interviews

“It was a pleasure to have you along with us at the meeting. Looking forward to the final product! Your approach and attention to detail is unmatched…in Danny Cahill’s words, you are definitely PROS!”

Peter Zukow | General Manager, Lock Search Group

“We engaged Jonathan for our first corporate video and I couldn’t be more impressed. He is thorough, detail oriented, allowed creative freedom through the process, but kept us on track. The great thing is Jonathan understands our industry and was able guide us effectively through the process to deliver a product that exceeded expectations!!! Check out his product at and see for yourself. I would recommend Jonathan and 360 Visuals with no reservation.”

Brady Teague | Principal, Talent Bridge Companies

“We’ve known Jonathan and 360 Visuals for years. They produce very high quality digital marketing solutions and have done work for many friends of mine in the Pinnacle Society so when it was time for us to update our website and add professional video, it was a no brainer to go with Jonathan.”

Dan Martineau | President, Martineau Recruiting Technology

“What can I say working with 360 Visuals was an amazing experience, we selected 360 Visuals because they not only produce amazing results, they also understood the HR space and the message we were looking to convey. They came onsite to our corporate office where they worked with several team members, who had never been on video before. Their attention to detail and professionalism made everyone feel at ease and the end results were amazing.”

Tom Boyle | Director, Product Marketing, SilkRoad Technologies

“I have worked with Jonathan and his team at 360 Visuals on a couple of different projects and have been consistently pleased. Let me go further and say that they have changed my perception of their industry. My past experiences with corporate video work has been with individuals who were wildly creative, but over promised and under-delivered. With Jonathan and the 360 Visuals team, they completely exceeded my expectations. The turnaround time on my projects was lighting quick. They take a lot of pride in their work and at the same time welcomed my input and suggestions. My satisfaction with the end product was their highest priority which was great because that was my highest priority, too! I recommend them highly and would work with them again.”

Jen Lambert | Vice President, Terra Staffing Group

“Jonathan, I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your team at 360 Visuals for the exceptional job you did on my both website and introduction video. As you know, being a business owner is a 24/7 job, and therefore time is incredibly precious. Since our first conversation, you made significant efforts to not only expedite my needs, but made great attempts to keep this project convenient to my schedule.”

Laura Salemme | Owner, FNTS Direct

“Recently I attended the NAPS conference in Las Vegas and it was a great experience over all. What was really impressive to me is the 360 Visuals team.  They were on the ground at this event and really captured the conference through video and photos. The coverage was excellent and the 360 Visuals team really added to this professional event. I was lucky to use their services and I found the studio to be comfortable and professional. Most of all the Mez Media   Videos team made me feel very at ease. I love the work they have done in helping me brand my two firms. Thanks 360 Visuals!”

Karen Russo | President, IIPE Executive Search

“We hired 360 Visuals in the fall of 2013 to update/rebuild our website. Jonathan provides fresh ideas while remaining within the scope of “what you want”. His team is very creative, easy to work with and are always reachable. We were very pleased with the results and would definitely look to hire them again for future projects.”

Jennifer Adams | Co-Owner, Adante Staffing

“Working with Jonathan for my redesigned website was a complete joy. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and really cares about doing the best work for his clients. They offer up creative advice, ideas and solutions that are spot on, all the while incorporating the ideas of their clients. They are extremely organized and dependable and were accessible whenever I needed them. I would definitely recommend their services and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Mike Giammarino | Director/Owner, Integral Staffing

“Jonathan Weiner was the keynote speaker at our NNEAPS presentation on October 18, 2012. We hired Jonathan to spend an afternoon presenting on the following: “Insight into Branding through HD Video Production, Website.” His presentation went above and beyond the scope of this description. Jonathan spent 5 1/2 hours with our group giving us tools that are going to set our companies apart from our competitors by giving us a competitive edge. His speech was not the typical marketing pitch regarding social media and marketing. Jonathan was passionate, engaging and knew his this subject matter inside and out. We would welcome him back to our association with open arms.”

April Metivier | President, NNEAPS

“Jonathan Weiner and the 360 Visuals Team deliver outstanding results when it comes to Video Production, Media, Website Development and specifically helping those in the recruiting industry to raise the bar when it comes to building your brand. Their professionalism and creative drive are apparent throughout the process and their finished product in unparalleled in the recruiting industry. I’ve partnered with 360 Visuals to help us on multiple projects and would highly recommend them.”

Jeremy Sisemore | President, ASAP Talent Services

“I probably drove the team at 360 Visuals crazy as I am very detail orientated but they stuck with me throughout the entire process and delivered a unique, customized website and feature video that is second to none.”

Vincent Scaramuzzo | President, Ed Exec, Inc.

“We used 360 Visuals to create a company video, and we would highly recommend the 360 Visuals team! They were extremely creative and offered valuable suggestions for how to make the video more engaging. Jon and his team are professional, artistic, imaginative and willing to do whatever it takes to deliver a customized product. Not only are we delighted with the final video; we also enjoyed working with the team!”

Amy Munroe, CSP | Partner, Staffing ETrainer

“After interviewing multiple website design firms, I chose 360 Visuals to develop our new website due to the fact that they understand our industry and deliver a quality product. Working with Jonathan and his team at 360 Visuals was easy. They allowed for creative control, but provided their knowledge and creative input which helped guide me through the process. I’ll continue to use 360 Visuals to help build our presence on-line and in social media.”

Matt Sieber | President, The Sieber Group

“I ultimately chose 360 Visuals to design our site because of their subject matter expertise in the recruiting field. It was very easy to design and launch our site partnered with them because we didn’t have to explain all the sections and why we needed specific functionality. Additionally, l like their design style, it’s clean, it’s professional, it’s fresh. Plus they are in a great price range, not the lowest on the block, and not outrageously expensive. It’s a luxury car at a mid size price. And, lastly Jon & his team are great. To know them is to like them. They truly care about their clients and the success of our business. They will check in from time to time, share tips, forward articles or just call to say hello. You can’t go wrong in working with them. You’ll be happy with the end result.”

Tiffany Crenshaw | President/CEO, Intellect Resources

“In my opinion, 360 Visualsdid a great job in creating buzz before, during and after the National Association of Personnel Services 2011 Annual Conference. Their use of video and new media really had a positive impact on the overall success of the conference. They were very professional to deal with every step of the way and their work was excellent. We definitely would use them again!”

Jamie Schwartz, CERS | NAPS Board Member, Chairman

“From the moment I met the team from 360 Visuals, I knew that they were people I wanted to work with. I made the decision to partner with them to bring new life to the Northern New England Personnel Association(NNEAPS) website and that is exactly what they did. Jon and his team made themselves available at any time during the website’s construction and continued that practice long after the site went live. I plan to utilize their expertise time and time again for future projects.”

Don Richard CPC, PRC, Vice President, NNEAPS

“360 Visuals can be creative on the fly while helping video subjects feel at ease. Jonathan Weiner and his team are engaging professionals who clearly enjoy their work and aim to deliver polished products that please their clients.”

Joseph Doyle | Director, Strategic Sales, TalentWise

“We have renewed our contract with 360 Visuals because of their stellar service and marketing creativity.”

Michelle Lee | President, MSR Staffing

“It is my distinct pleasure to recommend the work of Jonathan Weiner at 360 Visuals. Jonathan’s level of professionalism and perfectionism stands out and it is why his company is my first choice for a media partner. I have worked on various video and radio projects with Jonathan and each engagement is uniquely handled and successfully delivered. Jonathan not only invests in quality equipment but also invests in the personal knowledge and skill necessary to provide a quality product to his clients. His creative marketing and vast networks for which he is connected, have allowed for significant exposure for our organization and thus yielded a valuable return in regards to our brand recognition.”

Marlene L. Hendrickson | Director of Publications, ASA

“We hired 360 Visuals in the fall of 2013 to rebuild our website. Ultimately, we chose 360 Visuals because they understand the recruiting industry. Jonathan and his team were very patient and willing to work with us throughout the process. They offered new ideas but kept things simple. If you are in the recruiting world and you want to create or rebuild your brand, I would recommend 360 Visuals.”

Phil Mericantante | Co-Owner, Adante Staffing

“I’ve known Jon for many years through his volunteer association work with the industry. When 360 Visuals was available to assist with our video production needs at Staffing World, ASA’s annual convention and expo, we were excited to work with them. Jon and his team are reliable, professional and worked collaboratively with us to produce something that was within our budget and met our needs.”

Tracy Rettie, CAE | Assistant Vice President, Chapter Relations, ASA

“Working with 360 Visuals has truly been a delight – both fun and effective. They are professional, very creative and skilled at putting together pieces that not only truly capture and enhance our brand, but also will help drive results.”

Alison Pruett | Marketing Manager, InterviewStream

“We have worked with 360 Visuals since their start – day one. The consistent quality of their work just about says it all for us. Add to that their level of creativity and there you have it!”

John Sacerdote, CPC/CTS | President, National Association Personnel Services

“We spoke to three different website development firms before engaging with Jonathan at 360 Visuals and we really did our homework. Besides being very easy to deal with , Jonathan and his team designed a truly awesome website for us in a short amount of time. They walked us through every step, made great suggestions along the way and helped us achieve exactly what we wanted in an online presence. They take your calls, they answer your concerns and fix any problem without a hassle. We highly recommend 360 Visuals!”

Rich Deakmann | Co-Owner, MDSI Search

“360 Visuals work on my DVD “Gruntled” took us to a whole new level. They are pros, pure and simple.”

Danny Cahill | Speaker/Trainer, Owner | ATD

“The team at 360 Visuals is focused on driving results, never willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. They produce creative and unique work and are always flexible and open to ideas, which makes working with them easy and fun. I’d recommend 360 Visuals to anyone looking to make their brand stand out.”

Sarah Gedo | Senior Marketing Coordinator, iCIMS

“360 Visuals has consistently shown that not only are they sincerely committed to the success and positive performance of a campaign, but also in building a long-term partnership. They excel at communicating transparently, delivering real-time, valuable feedback, and offering custom solutions that exceed contractual expectations”

Clara Brunkhorst | Marketing Coordinator, iCIMS

“With Jonathan’s expertise in the professional video arena and the cinema style camera gear and techniques we were able to capture the motion and beauty of ballet in a whole new way. He studied the dancer’s movements and rhythms and filmed them in a way to give the audience a unique and entertaining perspective. The outcome makes you feel like you’re moving along with the dancer and really shows both the grace and athleticism the dancers of Charlotte Ballet possess.”

Logan McSwain | Director of Marketing & Communications, Charlotte Ballet

“We were extremely happy with both the quality and quantity of footage that we were able to capture in a single day shoot. Despite never meeting in person, communication leading up to filming was effortless, we were always on the same page. The best part was how the 360 Visuals team was able to capture our vision with minimal direction needed; it was clear that they are very experienced and genuinely enjoy what they are doing. We’ll definitely be working with 360 Visuals again for our next video project.”

Cole Ecklund | New Media Designer, iQmetrix

“We worked with 360 Visuals to create a new video for our restaurant, Chestnut. We were looking for a company that would take our vision and translate it to something we could use in social media as well as on our website. 360 Visuals combined technical know-how with an enjoyable approach that made it easy for us. The final product was excellent, and gave us something that we are proud to show our guests.”

Kevin Westmoreland | Co-Owner, Chestnut Restaurant

“My firm first hired Jonathan for a fairly small project in Asheville. I was not on-site for the work, but the praises he received for his professionalism, simply put, made me look better at my own job. When we saw the work product, the quality was so high that we hired him immediately for a separate job in Raleigh. In a brief phone call he came up with an idea that significantly improved the creative process. I will continue to utilize his expertise and services and highly recommend Jonathan and 360 Visuals.”

Derek Maine | Marketing Coordinator, Teague, Campbell, Dennis & Gorham

“I most recently had the pleasure to work with Jonathan and 360 Visuals team on Marquee Staffing’s video production. Jonathan was very responsive and organized from day one! There was not a single detail left undone. As we await the final product, the proofs that I have seen thus far have exceeded my expectations. The quality and dedication to provide an outstanding product is second to none! If you are looking to hire a team to assist you with your marketing production and branding, Jonathan and 360 Visuals is the team to call.”

Claudia Perez | Senior Vice President, Operations, Marquee Staffing

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